A Decade of Tastes: Physics Going Global!

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I just going into the second year of my PhD and therefore, at the moment, the majority of my studies have been in COVID times so it was really nice to be able to attend such a wide variety of talks and interact with the nuclear community. I just wanted to show you my appreciation and let you know Tastes really was an experience like no other I have had since starting my PhD!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your work organising Tastes and putting together what was a really enjoyable and educational week.

Thank you for organizing the conference, it was a privilege to attend and present. I especially enjoyed the musical interludes!

As all the tributes were being made to you and your work, as well as your team’s work at the end of the conference, it got me thinking that this conference was the most positive thing that happened in 2020. Your devotion to helping young Africans is really commendable and inspirational.

Reviews: What does the Tastes of Nuclear Physics mean to you? Please send your feedback @ tastesnp@uwc.ac.za. Positive or negative, your input will help us improving the Tastes!

Thanks again for inviting me to your spectacular conference!  What you and your students have accomplished is incredibly impressive.  Keep up the great work.  I hope to be back next year. Eric Norman (Berkeley, USA)

Thank you very much for your excellent management of what has turned out to be a very successful and highly stimulating conference. Not only did the conference provide ample opportunity for growth (to all attendees, and particularly students), but (to a greater degree) it was a reflection that the effort by the South African government of trying to establish a cohort of competent scientists who truly represent the diversity and aspirations of the wider community is indeed. And more importantly, it was a perfect demonstration of what can be achieved when we all decide to pull our resources together in pursuit of a common goal and progressive vision. Siya Majola (UJ, SA)

TASTES was everything that we hoped to achieve—really excellent. John Wood (Georgia Tech, USA)

Thank you, it was a fantastic event. Julian Bordes (York, UK)

Last week I attended the IX Taste’s of Nuclear Physics Conference hosted by UZ. It was an awesome experience – days full of tasty lectures leaving me hungry with questions and inspiration! Was great to meet and speak to the many foreign speakers as well as the local legends, and altogether bond with my fellow sages and alchemists! Matthew Segal (UCT, SA)

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