"Grow up to be yet braver than we!" Spartan chorus

"We are dealing with a system of particles whose number is neither small enough to allow direct solution nor large enough to make statistical methods highly accurate, and which interact through an interaction that has still not been pinned down to any definite form." J. Maruhn & W. Greiner

UWC-leading experiment @ CERN

Determining the shape and collective properties of nuclei

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Tastes of Nuclear Physics

More than 600 registrants @ X Tastes of Nuclear Physics

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Commissioning MANDELAB

This program is funded by the STFC Council in the UK (PIs: David Jenkins, Sifiso Ntshangase & Nico Orce)

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UWC leading experiments at TRIUMF

One of Ph.D. students experiment being performed at TRIUMF, Canada

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