An overview about MANDELAB was presented during the HYPERFINE-2019 Dr. Kushal Kapoor

The digital electronics and new data acquisition systems have been successfully implemented and are now fully functional in our nuclear laboratory. Below, the first spectrum taken with a NaI(Tl) detector using 137Cs and 60Co sources.

137Cs photo-peak @661 keV
60Co photo-peak @1173 & 1332 keV

Slow (energy) and fast (timing) filter parameters were optimized for NaI(Tl) detector:

Resolution (%) as a function of detector pulse risetime (ns)

In addition we intend to perform gamma-gamma and particle-gamma experiments using the digital systems with a motive of getting the best timing resolution. So, a vacuum chamber has been designed for this purpose which enables us for the simultaneous measurements

Vacuum chamber

An poster was presented by Mr. Cebo Ngwetsheni during the HYPERFINE-2019,at Goa (India)

Work has been accepted in Phys. Lett. B

Also, the research work presented by Kapoor and Cebo will be published in HYPERFINE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL

Keep watching, many more to come… Till than “Keep Well…”